Personalized Care for Your Dynamic Life

Under the leadership of Yelena Takhalova, we at Dynamic Therapy Solutions pay special attention to your holistic needs and not just the condition we are treating. We communicate with your family, caregivers, and other therapists that are seeing you in order to optimize your independence and safety.

Occupational Therapy with a Personal Touch

Our occupational therapists restore, adapt, and modify permanent and temporary disabilities through pain management, exercises, education, training, adaptive technologies and tools, and environmental modification for fall prevention. We target areas such as personal care, activities of daily living, household chores, work-related tasks, and social activities so you can be independent and safe with your daily routine. 

Markets We Serve

Dynamic Therapy Solutions is a therapist-owned rehabilitation company that offers therapy across the entire care continuum. We’ve been assisting our clients in achieving success in a challenging and dynamic environment for many years by establishing proven clinical processes that result in exceptional patient outcomes. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Our ongoing success is due to the importance we place on providing effective communication systems and consistent personal interactions with both administration and facility level staff. The formation of effective, long-term business relationships has resulted from the development and cultivation of strong partnerships with our clients.

Home Care Occupational Therapy Solutions

Adult Home

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“Yelena is a great occupational therapist. I was diagnosed with nerve palsy. She helped me strengthen my left arm. I am now able to control my left wrist. I can button my shirt independently. My neurologist said who is your therapist?”

“Therapist ordered heavy weighted utensils for my mother so she can be safe and more independent with self feeding.”

“Thanks to you, I have no shoulder pain; I am now able to put on my t – shirt over my head.”

“Lindsey gave me home exercise for my lower back and ever since I started with my exercise I am able to lean forward to put on my socks…before I was not able to do that.”

“Therapist recommended that I use shower chair and grab bar during showering for fall prevention. I don’t remember when was the last time I fell….which of course is a good thing.”

“Therapist recommended a sock aid for my dad and ever since he started using it he no longer needs his aid to put on his socks.”

“Very sympathetic and devoted therapists.  “