Adult Occupational Therapy Sessions in Queens

Occupational Therapy Solutions catered for your needs

Our occupational therapists restore, adapt, and modify permanent and temporary disabilities through pain management, exercises, education, training, adaptive technologies and tools, and environmental modification for fall prevention. We target areas such as personal care, activities of daily living, household chores, work-related tasks, and social activities so you can be independent and safe with your daily routine.

Common Issues We Treat


(Back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, hip pain, knee pain)

Pain is one of the most frequent symptoms for which individuals seek medical attention. A detailed evaluation by our occupational therapists can educate the patient in skilled techniques, postural awareness, and specific exercises that can help ease the pain by targeting the specific underlying issue.


Lack of exercise might cause overall weakness and de-conditioning. Weakness can cause difficulty for completion of daily tasks. Research has shown that therapy improves vitality and strength, enabling patients to live an active life without impairment.

Shoulder Dysfunction

Your mundane routine such as combing you hair, carrying a bag, and dressing up can be effected by shoulder dysfunction. A thorough evaluation can target the specific cause of the pain and develop a plan to initiate the healing process.


Arthritis, whether due to inflammation or cartilage wear, can cause joint pain. Stretching, exercises, and manual techniques used in occupational therapy can help reduce joint discomfort and inflammation.


When there is an impact force, decreased bone density is a risk for bone fractures. Weight-bearing exercises provided by therapists strengthen and improve bone density and thus decrease the risk for fractures.

Parkinson's Disease

Studies have shown that different methods of therapy can benefit those with Parkinson’s. The symptoms that therapy can help enhance are shuffling gait and difficulty with dressing.

Stroke (CVA)

Strokes differ from one person to another. Our experienced therapists develop a thorough treatment plan after determining the particular deficits and their causes. We assist patients in achieving their goals by using a wide range of evidence-based methods.

Mental Health

Occupational therapy provides a way for people with mental illnesses to receive skilled therapy that promote their well-being and help them get back to their daily routine.

Memory Impairment

Therapy might be the solution when memory loss starts interfering with daily life. With the help of an occupational therapists range skilled methods and techniques can help enhance memory retention.

Balance Impairment

Impaired balance directly increases the chance of falling. According to research, specific balancing exercises and programs offered by therapists can dramatically lower the chance of falling by enhancing balance.